Introducing Angles

5 October 2017 by Kate Llewellyn

Say hello to Angles: A different take on sexual and domestic abuse. A new On Road website for our latest project!

We might think we know what a rapist “looks like”, or how a victim should behave. We might think we know what we would do if we were on the receiving end of sexual or domestic violence, how we might react, what we might do directly afterwards. Many people like to think this couldn’t happen to someone like them and so won’t have thought about how they’d react in similar circumstances. But the reality is often very different from the image we have in our heads.

Sometimes we don’t want to look at that reality – that abuse often happens in our homes, and is often carried out by people we might like, love or respect.

So many of us are affected by these issues, and yet it’s incredibly difficult to talk about them.

Angles is an On Road Media project that brings media influencers together with people with lived experience of sexual violence and domestic abuse, and/or who work in the sector, promoting new content and a better understanding of the issues.

It’s no secret that the scale of the problem is enormous. Every hour, nearly 11 rapes of adults alone take place in England and Wales, according to Rape CrisisNSPCCsays that over 90% of sexually abused children were abused by someone they knew.

And we know that there is a relationship between justice and ultimately public safety, and the way jurors and prosecutors understand sexual abuse, victims and perpetrators.

So how can we make a difference?

In 2015, we co-organised and sponsored the Clear Lines Festival, the UK’s first festival dedicated to opening up a space to discuss sexual assault and consent. Channel 4 reported on the event here.

We know the media plays a significant role in shaping how we understand these issues and the vast majority of journalists are keen to get it right. We think we can all benefit from coming together and finding new ways of bringing the issues to light.

Angles is doing exactly that. We support survivors and practitioners to work with the media by giving them media skills, mentoring and peer support. By bringing journalists together with survivors and sector professionals, we are creating the right conditions for collaboration and creation, leading towards more and better content about sexual and domestic abuse.

Interactions with the media

Grab a coffee with us! We understand what journalists need – great contacts, accurate information and fantastic ideas that help them with their jobs as creators of factual and fictional content. We hold interactions, bringing together the media and people with personal experience and/or who work in this sector, for an informal chat.We work with a particular kind of activist, those who are talking about their own experiences. Those who want to improve the lives of people like them, who risk more than a professional campaigner would as they are sharing their personal stories on public platforms.

“Journalists often only meet people who have suffered in this way in a formal interview, or seeing them across a court room when covering a case. Our meeting gave us an opportunity to speak off the record with some extremely wise and brave people in a friendly, informal atmosphere.”
Stephen Pritchard, Reader’s Editor, The Observer

Interactions are friendly meet-ups between journalists and our Angles network which is made up of people with lived experience, campaigners, front-line workers, academics and more.

Meet some of the people in our network and read more about the interactions and how we work.

So far, Angles has held interactions with senior editors from The Observer, Metro, Evening Standard, The Independent, BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat and more in the last few months. Read testimonials from people who’ve taken part.

Meet our network and see how we support them

We work with a particular kind of activist, those who are talking about their own experiences. Those who want to improve the lives of people like them, who risk more than a professional campaigner would as they are sharing their personal stories on public platforms.

We deliver specially tailored media training courses, interactions and peer support groups that give people in the network practical media skills alongside an understanding of how the media works, how change happens, and how to practice good self-care.

“Thank you for letting me become part of this special group, I really feel very honoured. It has given me a lot more to think about and I was surprised by the feelings of being connected in some way…” Angles participant

Meet some of the people in our network here and read about the training courses we offer. 

Get involved

The journalist

Meet with Angles members by visiting their Profilesarranging an interaction or contacting us directly. We offer resources for covering these issues as well as tips on reporting.

The activist

If you have personal experience and/or work in this sector and believe in social change, Angles might be for you. Whether or not you have worked with the media before, we can support you. Here are resources for people working with the media and information on how to get involved in Angles.

Angles is currently supported by Trust for London and National Lottery Awards for All,  Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. Read more about the work and partners.