“On Road Media makes radical interventions on behalf of and with the most marginalised groups in society. The company is fearless tackling prejudice within and outside of communities head on. However most important is that On Road Media empowers the group itself to take their agenda forward.”

Claire Hodgson, Director, Diverse City

On Trans Media Action/All About Trans (2011 – 2014):

“After working with On Road over the last year I’ve also come to realise how important the less tangible support they give is. By teaching how to communicate effectively and demonstrating what can be achieved they raise self-esteem in marginalised groups, encourage people to believe in their own voice and turn despair into positivity.”

Sarah Lennox, trans activist and author

On All About Trans: The Interactions (2013)

“A perfect opportunity to get an insight into a much neglected and often misunderstood aspect of modern British society.”

David Connett, News Editor, The Independent

On Undoc Camp (2012):

“It was a genuinely great experience for me personally. I thought the On Road Media staff were impressive. And I was very struck by the way [they] maintained a balance between cheerfulness and seriousness throughout the day.”

 Leila Baker, Research Manager, Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR)

On Undoc Camp (2012):

“… excellent: really well organised, focused, very easy to network, lovely space, great to have a ‘flat structure’ with the funders and a great atmosphere. Everyone was pretty energised from the outset and I think credit to On Road for firing people up in the run up to the event…”

Rosie Parkyn, BBC

On a digital media workshop (2014):

“The very practical nature of the workshop was really helpful, we got stuck in right away, overcoming fears and nerves! Glad that we all got to try all aspects – filming, interviewing, being filmed, editing – so we all have a good understanding of what’s involved.”

Greta Hughson, Sub-Editor, NAM (HIV/AIDS organisation)

On a video blogging course for charities (2011):

“I thought Nathalie was an excellent tutor, very relaxed (and patient) in her approach and never patronising, even when dealing with trainees who were not confident with technology. I also found the approach of giving us short amounts of time to carry out our interviews was inspired – it induced mild panic in us all, but forced us into action.”

Craig Brierley, Media Officer, Wellcome Trust

Ian Critchley is a member of the Advisory Group for All About Trans and helped to established the Trans Comedy Award with BBC Writers Room (2014)

“The experience gave great promise of a better awareness of the issues facing the trans community. Having spent some time listening to people’s stories we came to the view that the best way to help move things on was to think about some kind of bursary or writing competition which would give the opportunity to explore things further.”

Ian Critchley, BBC Head of Creative Resources