Engaging with the Media Events

Interested in changing the way the media talks about sexual violence?  

On Road Media is working on a project to improve the way the UK media talks about sexual violence, through bringing media influencers together with people whose voices are rarely heard – those with personal experience and practitioners in the sector.  The aim is to debunk the myths and stereotypes of the media narrative and replace them with a ‘new common sense’ based on the reality of people’s experience. The long-term goal is a more sophisticated understanding and informed discussions of sexual and domestic violence in society as a whole, and thus to greater justice in our courts.

We are providing tailored media training to a limited number of individuals over two years, and connecting them to editors, journalists and creators of television and radio content in informal but carefully arranged meetings we call ‘interactions’.  These people will form a small network of activists who can work in a strategic and sustainable way to bring about change.  This will be backed up by events and media content. Activists will primarily take part in the interactions, bringing about change through off-the-record conversations with influential media professionals.

On Road’s method of bringing change in media representation is relationship-based, and depends on working very closely with the people and communities affected by misrepresentation.  We have been developing partnerships with individuals and organisations in the sector who might be interested in taking part in this project, and we’re recruiting participants over the coming months.

What we are looking for

On Road is looking for people who have experienced sexual violence, childhood abuse or domestic abuse, and/or professionals who work in the sector, who are ready to positively engage with the media to change the way it talks about these issues.  They would need to be prepared to work with On Road on a year-long programme of training, media engagement and outreach. Participation behind the scenes in our ‘interactions’ is an essential component of the project, and taking part in public media appearances is optional. We started to deliver the pilot series of media training and interactions in February 2017 in London.

What we are offering

On Road provide a limited number of full-day media and interaction training courses; arrange and support interactions with high-level media influencers; followed by creative opportunities for further media engagement throughout the year; ongoing support with media engagement; and a facilitated peer support group throughout the year. The value of this is £1,500 but will all be provided free of charge.

If you’d like to get involved please get in touch and email alana@onroadmedia.org.uk with a paragraph about you and why the project interests you.

More on the interactions with the media

An ‘interaction’ is a method for engagement we have developed over the last five years with our project All About Trans – which has increased the visibility of transgender people in the UK media. It is a relaxed, social meet-up between a senior media professional and someone with personal experience to share. The aim is that the personal connection will change attitudes and behaviour.  The relationships created have led to consultations on scripts and storylines, the production of factual/fictional programming and off-screen opportunities. They have also led to more visible media appearances in broadcasting or print for activists.