Engaging with the Media training courses

Engaging with the Media Training Course

On Road Media is working on a project to improve the way the UK media talks about sexual and domestic abuse, through bringing media influencers together with people whose voices are rarely heard – those with personal experience and practitioners in the sector.

Supported by Trust for London, our aim is to skill up and support a network of activists who want to speak with the media and improve understanding of sexual and domestic violence and sexual and domestic abuse. This network, currently involves nearly 30 individuals, with personal experience and practitioners in the sector with knowledge of this area. They are taking part in our behind-the-scenes work, meeting with senior media professionals and influencing those with decision-making power and budgets to make better and more accurate content about these issues.

What we are looking for

On Road is looking for people who have experienced sexual violence, childhood abuse, domestic abuse or domestic violence, and/or professionals who work in the sector, who are ready to positively engage with the media to change the way it talks about these issues.  They would need to be prepared to work with On Road on a year-long programme of training, media engagement and outreach. Participation behind the scenes in our ‘interactions’ is an essential component of the project, and taking part in public media appearances is optional.

Alongside the media training courses, we are running monthly, peer support group meetings. These sessions, facilitated by Nathalie McDermott, bring individuals from our growing network together to share reflections, tips on engaging with the media and concerns with speaking out and working with the media.

What we are offering

On Road provide a limited number of full-day media and interaction training courses; arrange and support interactions with high-level media influencers; followed by creative opportunities for further media engagement throughout the year; ongoing support with media engagement; and a facilitated peer support group throughout the year. The value of this is £1,500 but will all be provided free of charge.

On our courses, which are available for people with personal experience or people who work in this sector, trainees learn about how the media works, how to prepare for interviews, and practise several different interview set-ups in “live studios”. A key part of the day is focused on self-care, peer support and looking after yourself during any engagement with the media.

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A third training course will take place in the autumn – you can register your interest in being involved by contacting Alana, the Project Manager at alana@onroadmedia.org.uk.