Media portrayals of sexual violence – Foreign Body play and Q+A at VAULT Festival

Foreign Body is the beautifully crafted debut solo show by Imogen Butler-Cole about hope, healing and forgiveness after sexual assault.

Imogen is a member of the Angles project, bringing media influencers together with people with lived experience of sexual violence and domestic abuse, and/or who work in the sector, promoting new content and a better understanding of the issues.

Uniquely told from the perspective of the survivor and perpetrator of the same assault and including the testimonies of 8 other survivors, Foreign Body is a brave, liberating and life-affirming story. It uses a charged combination of verbatim, physical theatre and a stunning original soundtrack.

The play aims to destigmatise dialogue around sexual violence and offers opportunities for audience members to explore the play’s themes through post show Q&As alongside representatives of women’s rights organisations.

Imogen Butler-Cole will be hosting the post-show Q&A on Thursday 8th of March 2018, International Women’s Day, with On Road’s CEO Nathalie McDermott and Sirin Kale, Broadly’s Associate Editor talking about media portrayals of sexual violence.

Foreign Body is part of VAULT Festival, London’s biggest and boldest annual arts festival, hosting hundreds of events each year; reaching across theatre, comedy, film, live performance, and more.

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