We devise and run large or small-scale projects for clients and we also deliver training or consultations for existing programmes. Here's a selection of our projects. (For details on our standalone training courses, click here).

Interactions with the Media

We shine a light on social issues and experiences by facilitating conversations between the media and misrepresented groups of people around the UK. We deliver peer-led, friendly, and creative social meet-ups between a group of people whose voices are rarely heard and journalists or broadcasters. We call these informal meetings ‘interactions’. Our goal is to help […]

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Angles: A Different Take on Sexual and Domestic Abuse

We have been awarded funding to carry out some exploratory work which asks the question, how can we improve the way sexual abuse is reported in the media? The project will explore ways to improve the way the UK media talks about sexual violence, sexual and domestic abuse, through bringing media influencers together with people […]

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All About Trans: The Interactions

‘All About Trans’, is the second phase of our work with the trans community, which began with Trans Media Action in October 2011. Over the past five years, we’ve been working closely with the support of broadcasters and funders to engage media professionals (journalists, presenters and editors), education and healthcare professionals with trans issues in […]

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All About Trans: Encouraging understanding between
the media and the transgender community

In phase 1 of Trans Media Action (2011 – 2012), we devised ways to improve media professionals’ understanding of trans people, encouraging them to find out more and to create more sensitive portrayals of trans people in their work. Phase 2, “All About Trans” (2013 – 2014), focused on connecting media professionals with the trans community across the […]

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Digital Undoc: How to get information to children
without regular immigration status

Digital Undoc, commissioned by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Unbound Philanthropy, aims to increase understanding of the potential to use social media and digital technology to help meet the advice and support needs of children and young people without regular immigration status. You can read On Road’s findings: Digital Undoc, report on the creative phase of the Supported Options Initiative with […]

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