Trans Media Action: Improving portrayals of transgender
people in the media

Since January 2011, we have been doing some groundbreaking work with the transgender community in partnership with Trans Media Watch.

Transgender, transsexual or “trans”, is a term used to describe people who grow up having to deal with “gender dysphoria”; a sense, often overwhelming, that the physical gender with which they were assigned at birth is not reflected by who they know themselves to be inside.

Trans Camp at Channel 4 in January 2012

Improving the way trans people are portrayed in the media

Trans Media Action, which was awarded with seed funding from by Channel 4 and the BBC in 2011 brought media professionals and the transgender community together to move towards the fairer treatment of trans people in the media.

We delivered several workshops with journalists and trans people and held Trans Camp in January 2012 with over 60 participants made up of trans people, developers, innovators and media professionals. They formed five groups and developed ideas to improve media coverage and awareness of trans people.

Have a look at what happened here:

You can also see some pictures here:

Involving the wider trans community

Prior to Trans Camp we launched a video challenge, inviting trans people from around the world to submit videos in response to these five problems. Here’s the playlist:

What Trans Media Watch said:

“The best thing for us about the first phase has been the way in which it has motivated both potential and existing trans activists and connected them with media allies who I believe will continue to work as champions with us in the future.”