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A meeting with IPSO
5 October 2016

Working with press regulators to improve media
representation of transgender people

With our ongoing project, All About Trans, earlier in the year we organised two consultations between the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) and members of the trans community. Today they issued new guidance on researching and reporting stories related to transgender individuals, based on the Editor’s Code. IPSO is responsible, post-Leveson Inquiry, for supporting those who feel wronged by […]

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Battle of Ideas
19.30 - 21.00, Wednesday 19th October, 2016

Dr Nina Burrowes talks at Battle of Ideas – Sexual abuse
among young people: problem or panic?

While public awareness of sexual abuse is ever increasing, an understanding of its causes, how it can be prevented, and even its definitions lag behind. Some assume that sexual offences are largely committed by adult men on women and children, yet there has been increasing concern over so-called peer-to-peer sexual abuse, with seemingly more common […]

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