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Unheard Holler workshops with SHP
3 April 2014

A Brilliant Moment on the Community Channel

In 2011, we began working with the homeless charity, SHP, running drop-in online workshops with their clients. We helped them to set up the blog, Unheard Holler, which is led by people who pass through the doors of SHP services and hostels around London. Since then, we’ve run video blogging workshops to encourage more people to [...]

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January - July 2014

All About Trans: Patchwork

Patchwork is supported  by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Channel 4 Patchwork is a digital storytelling project working with several trans community led organisations across the UK, documenting the variety and diversity of stories within the young trans community in the UK today. This project will consist of a collection of digital stories (videos and podcasts) [...]

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